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Think Farm. Think AgriRoots. We’re your agricultural mortgage partner.

We lend to support more than farms.

AgriRoots clients span any agriculture related business. If it’s zoned agricultural or commercially zoned to support agricultural production – for example a cheese factory, a direct retail store, or a medical by product of agriculture – we’re here to help.

Our niche is providing bridge capital (12-36 months) with the goal of transitioning them back to traditional financing or another predefined exit strategy.

Consider these opportunities for referral to AgriRoots.

  • Drainage, irrigation, digital, variable rate applications, robotics, nutrient management
  • Recycling, energy applications
  • Expansion and diversification
  • Land acquisition
  • Succession planning
  • Agri-business such as value-add processing, packaging & distribution, direct retail, diversification strategies

Two ways to partner with us.

Option 1: Refer your Ag clients to us
And we’ll manage it all, including complete brokerage and lending packages to ensure your client gets the right funding for their individual needs.

Option 2: Co-broker with us
Continue to work with your clients, and provide AgriRoots with all supporting mortgage documents, and you broker the file.

Either way, earn a referral fee for each of your approved clients!

How do I submit a deal?

Priority will be given to deals submitted via Filogix or Velocity. Alternatively, deals can be submitted via email to:

We lend across Canada

AgriRoots lends in all provinces except Quebec, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.


1ST Mortgages

2ND Mortgages

Rates from 8.49% 

Rates from 10.99%



2% Base Lender Fee*

Interest Only Payment

Broker Sets Their Fee


Up to 80% LTV

Interest Only Options

Rates from 8.49%

Interest Reserve Options

2% Lender Fee*

Bridge Financing Available

All mortgages through AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. and its subsidiaries will be brokered through the originating broker and / or Inc., ON Brokerage #12114. Inc. is a registered broker in multiple Canadian provinces.

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