We’re a different kind of alternative lender.

At AgriRoots, we take a practical, holistic approach to lending. We look at both the history and the future of our prospective borrowers, and we take the time to understand our clients, their individual needs, and to target the best financial strategies to achieve improved financial outcomes. In addition to a strong equity position, we work to ensure there is an executable financial plan before funding a transaction. We utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise in farm finances to assist the borrowers we work with.

Determining whether an agricultural operation is a right fit for AgriRoots financing includes more than just property value and a prospective borrower’s debt servicing history.

AgriRoots looks at the whole picture. We’re empowered to make common-sense decisions that spring from our industry insight and an assessment of the people involved in the situation – their character, their history, and their ability to execute the financial plan.

At AgriRoots, we’re real people who deal with real people.

Our Portfolio Has Included:

An Ontario multi-generational farm that was a new farm purchase, required a loan for operational growth and to realize increased revenue from the expansion. In addition, they needed to formulate and implement a succession strategy. With a $300,000 loan over 14 months, they are expected to successfully transition back to traditional bank financing.

A Saskatchewan cash crop farm with a sound business plan that needed some capital, but – more importantly – more time to realize revenue. After a $400,000 loan over 17 months, they were successfully transitioned back to traditional bank financing.

An Ontario cash crop farm was referred to AgriRoots from a Tier 1 lender to work with their accountants and lawyers to restructure their financial situation. AgriRoots has approved them for a $697,000 loan with a plan to refer them back to their original bank lenders.

An Ontario greenhouse operation required CAPEX to improve production efficiency as well as improve financial operating metrics. After a $500,000 loan over 9 months, the operation was successfully transitioned to traditional bank financing.

An Ontario livestock farm undergoing succession to two siblings with different plans – one to keep the operation and one to sell – required $1.23 Million in financing over 9 months to purchase the assets from one sibling in order to continue operations towards a successful sale in the future.