The team at AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. has a history working with Special Accounts Management Units and welcomes mortgage applications from financial institutions and all brokerages within Canada.  For consistency, all mortgage applications will be brokered / co-brokered through FamilyLending.ca Inc. (Lic. #12114).

Robb Nelson, CEO of AgriRoots Capital Management Inc., is also the principal broker of FamilyLending.ca Inc.

At AgriRoots Capital Management Inc., we welcome the opportunity to partner with you during an unexpected change in cash flow and credit bureau history; often this situation hinders the availability of mainstream lending. What a typical financial institution overlooks is the demonstrable capital in land, buildings and equipment. Considering these assets, we have created a lending opportunity that offers flexible credit terms for a short period that allows cash flow and credit history to be rectified.

AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. is not a shortcut to easy credit. All of the standard, proven underwriting processes, rigour and due diligence used in mainstream financial vertical will form an integral part of our risk management policy. AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. will provide a variety of options based on the loan-to-value (LTV) situation of each applicant.

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