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Our quality land based investment opportunities are ready for Woodstock investors. We are skilled in connecting land investors with innovative farmers, creating land investments that are able to help farms grow while keeping the farmer as the owner. Based on your desired LTV% parameters, we can offer you targeted annualized investment returns of 7%.

A Different Approach To Land Investments

Based close to the Woodstock area, the founders of AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. bring many years of experience in the Alternative Lending, Land Investment, and the Agricultural sector to the table. They noticed a distinct lack of options for Woodstock investors who were seeking land based investment opportunities. AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. was founded to allow land investors the chance to invest in this exciting growth.

Land Investment Cultivation

In order to meet the demands of the growing global population projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, it is estimated that every sector of agriculture will see significant growth. To meet this demand, the need for food production to double will become essential, opening the door for a variety of land based investment opportunities for investors in Woodstock, Ontario.

The AgriRoots Motivation

AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. was designed using the successful business model in order to meet your land investment needs. Seeing an increase over the past 17 years, FamilyLending has been offering private capital mortgages in the agriculture sector. With the ever tightening requirements of mainstream financial institutions, we see the need for this type of farm based lending occurring. Often, these borrowers can provide Woodstock investors with realistic opportunities for growth, as they are often in possession of additional collateral in farmland and buildings to help avoid capital loss.

Suitable For Woodstock Land Investors

If you want to be included in our land based investment opportunities in Woodstock, reach out to Matthew Alexander at, a registered dealing representative with Belco Private Capital Inc. to learn more about land investments.

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