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AgriRoots is a limited partnership, available to investors in Southwestern Ontario who are in need of investment capital. We have secured our investment capital with real estate, designed to acquire and maintain a portfolio of first and second mortgages focusing on Agricultural assets.

Standout Investment Capital

The founders of AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. have shown a successful history in the Agriculture, Investment, and Alternative Lending industries and were able to create opportunities for Southwestern Ontario investors who were seeking access to Agricultural investment capital.

Planned Investments

Introductory Target Distribution Yield of 7%

  • Quarterly dividends of 17.5 cents per share ($10/share NAV) with an exclusive year-end dividend payment.

We hold a diversified portfolio of 1st and 2nd mortgages that fall under the following parameters

  • A min of 50% of capital held consists of mortgages secured by agricultural properties
  • A max of 30% of capital held consists of mortgages secured by commercial and retail properties
  • A max of 20% of capital held consists of mortgages secured by residential properties

Well-Managed Loan to Value (LTV) characteristics

  • Maximum 75% LTV on Agricultural Properties
  • Maximum 70% LTV on Commercial Properties
  • Maximum 80% LTV on Residential Properties

Investment Capital Prepared for Accredited Investors (Southwestern Ontario)

Only Accredited investors are able to access shares in AgriRoots Diversified Lending Fund (defined in Ontario securities legislation). To comprehend the tax and legal consequences of investing in the shares, investors in Southwestern Ontario are encouraged to contact their own professional advisors.

Introductions are solely permitted via registered exempt market dealers. AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. has chosen Belco Private Capital Inc. to act as its registered exempt market dealer.

See What Our Investment Capital Has To Offer

Interested investors are able to reach out to Matthew Alexander at, a registered dealing representative with Belco Private Capital Inc. to learn more about investment capital.

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