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Ready for accredited farmland investors seeking innovative farmland investments and St. Thomas farm families, AgriRoots Capital Management can give you access to stable financial growth. With our portfolio of farmland funds, you can see targeted annualized farmland investment returns of 7% depending on your desired LTV% parameters.

The AgriRoots Focus

With a distinct lack of farmland and agricultural focused investments available to St. Thomas investors, AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. was created. Using their unique experience and past successes, the founders of AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. wanted to offer farmland investments to interested investors who wanted to participate in this limitless growth.

Demand For Investment Growth

In the coming years as the global population growth increases and there are further land constraints, we estimate that farmland investments will continue to see lucrative returns. With the growing population comes an increase in food demand that will continue to grow, providing St. Thomas, Ontario investors with investment opportunities.

Discovering What We Are About

AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. was founded to connect investors and farmland investments using the successful business model. Over the years, we have noted a significant increase in requests for farmland focused lending, as the traditional financial institutions have been tightening their underwriting requirements. Farmland investments have historically shown higher total returns than other real estate investments while offering lower levels of risk, giving St. Thomas investors realistic growth.

Accessible To Farmland Investors

Investors in the St. Thomas area are invited to connect with Matthew Alexander at, a registered dealing representative with Belco Private Capital Inc. and learn more about our farmland investments.

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