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Offering solutions for agricultural funding seekers in Leamington, AgriRoots Capital management Inc. has innovative funding services with an emphasis on the agricultural sector. With AgriRoots you are able to see your Leamington purchase, expansion, or equipment purchase become a reality with funding from $250,000 to over $10 Million in available capital.

Amenable Funding Terms

Providing more flexible terms than offered at traditional financial institutions, we can provide you with the agricultural funding you require with our lender capital having an expected repayment of 12-36 months from funding. By focusing on the short term needs of Canadian agriculture and commercial company we provide funding for growth.

AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. isn’t your easy road to credit. We’ve included underwriting policies and due diligence practices that have been proven to work for traditional financial institutions in our risk management policy.

Choose Your Leamington Funding Option

Funding is accessible for Leamington and beyond offering short term collateral-based lending for working capital or expansion financing. These loans are generally ideal for debt financing, capital for growth, or interim capital prior to peak season sales, spanning from a few months or up to three years.

Standard Asset Based Funding

Asset based financing is a top option for Leamington agricultural companies that are in need of extra capital higher than what is allowed with traditional institutions. Generally, equity in the company’s property is used to secure these funding options. Whether for capital expansion, succession planning, or ownership restructuring, asset based funding can assist you.

Short Term Interest Only Funding

Interest only loans are short term options that are able to help the borrower focus on regaining financial stability. These loans allow the borrower to make only the interest payments, keeping the payments low until the loan is transferred to a mainstream lender for principal repayment. Interest only funding, commonly acquired for weather related crop failures, unforeseeable drops in commodity pricing, or start up options, typically span from a few months to a maximum of three years.

Funding Information

If your Leamington area business is seeking agricultural funding, connect with our knowledgeable team today and review all available funding options.

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