We have the opportunity to partner with you during an unexpected change in cash flow and credit bureau history. Often this situation hinders the availability of mainstream lending. What a typical financial institution overlooks is the demonstrable capital in land, buildings and equipment. Considering these assets, we have created a lending opportunity that offers flexible credit terms for a short period that allows cash flow and credit history to be rectified.

AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. is not a short cut to easy credit. All of the standard, proven underwriting processes, rigour and due diligence used in mainstream financial vertical are an integral part of our risk management policy. AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. will provide a variety of options based on the loan-to-value (LTV) situation of each applicant.

AgriRoots Loans

AgriRoots loans are available as a short term, collateral-based fund for working capital or expansion financing. These loans typically span a few months but are available for up to three years.

These loans are commonly acquired for:

  • Debt financing
  • Capital for growth
  • Interim capital prior to peak season sales

Asset-Based Loans

Asset based financing is available for those companies requiring additional capital beyond what traditional institutions often allow. Typically, these loans are secured against unused equity in the company’s property.

Our software includes the same systems, portals for transmitting financial information, and reporting requirements used by the largest financial institutions in Canada.

These loans are commonly acquired for:

  • Capital for expansion
  • Succession planning
  • Ownership restructuring

Interest Only Loans

Interest only loans allow the borrower, for a time to make payments only on the interest, not the principle amount of the loan. These short term loans allow for low payments so that the borrower can focus on regaining financial stability, at which time the loan is transferred to a mainstream lender for principle repayment. These loans typically span a few months with a maximum three year horizon.

These loans are commonly acquired for:

  • Weather related crop failures
  • Unforeseeable drop in commodity prices
  • Start-up operations

Lending Criteria

We provide interim capital on more flexible terms than can be accommodated in mainstream banking. Our focus is to provide capital for growth and other short term needs for Canadian agriculture and commercial companies, with a proven history and strong performance. Our lender capital has an expected repayment within 12-36 months of funding.

Capital Range

Our interim loans range from $250,000 to over $10 Million in available capital.


Our interest rates are consistent with LTV ratios; associating rates with risk.


Repayment is based on the individual loan, with terms of 12-36 months.

Agricultural Subsectors

  • Crop cultivation
  • Livestock production
  • Food processing
  • Agricultural support
  • Ag-Tech

Our loans are made available to those companies outlined above with assets and operations in Canada.

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